Traditional Advertising Still Works

It is obvious and undeniable that marketing over the past 20 years has made huge shifts towards tech-based methods. Email, banners, pay per click and social marketing are increasingly more popular each year. However, what is often overlooked is the fact that traditional advertising still accounts for the lions share of the market. Unfortunately, many marketers overlook this fact and focus most of their efforts on web-based strategies. This alienates a huge portion of your potential market.

So what is “traditional marketing”?  By traditional marketing I have referring to everything other than web-based.  This would include things like newspaper ads, fliers, snail mail, radio ads, television and virtually any other non-tech method you can think of.  These are tried and proven techniques used for over 100 years!  It would be wise to implement a good mix of these into your overall marketing strategy.

Newspapers ads can be very effective as they are read by many many users.  Small classified ads in newspapers are innexpensive and affordable.  But don’t limit yourself to just newspapers.  Their are many niche magazines, zines and other local publications where you can advertise in for very cheap.  You can even research online for companies that will post your ad in many different publications for one fee.  You would be surprised to see how cost effective this can be.  Keep your target audience in mind when choosing which publications to advertise in.  Try to choose an audience that you think would be receptive to your offering.

If you are on a shoe string budget, you can try what I call guerrilla techniques such as fliers, signs and even swap marts.  You can make your own fliers with your pc and distribute them locally.  Just be sure to distribute them in lawful ways and that you are sensitive to the type of audience you are targeting.  If you will be promoting your products to the “general” public, you may want to make sure your website is “G-rated”.  You can easily choose only to add appropriate non-vulgar products to your site such as lotions and lingerie.  The same strategy would work well if you set up a booth at a local swap mart.  Simply showcase the items that are appropriate for that type of audience.

Snail mail is another often overlooked method of getting the word out there about your store.  This could be used as a way to target your previous customers or people who have signed up for your newsletters.  Again, keep the material g-rated so as not to offend anyone.

For those that have deeper pockets, radio ads and television is obviously king.  However, its probably alot less expensive than most people think it is.  If you choose to try these methods, focus on niche markets and networks.  It doesnt have to be prime time on ABC.  There are many smaller cable networks where the cost is quite affordable yet they still reach a sizable audience.  There is a ton of information online about these types of marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, the optimal marketing strategy will include a little bit of everything.  We have all heard the expression, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and this is true for marketing as well.  A combination of many different techniques both online and offline will assure you a constant stream of traffic to your website and hopefully more sales too!

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